RallyRight Announces National Rollout of Campaign Technology Tools

Political technology startup founded by Kelly Loeffler, former U.S. Senator and Fortune 500 Executive


ATLANTA – Today, RallyRight, LLC announced the national rollout of its campaign technology platforms. RallyRight is a technology company that offers conservative candidates a suite of cost-efficient, feature-rich field and fundraising tools to support successful campaigns. Founded by former U.S. Senator (R-GA) and Fortune 500 executive Kelly Loeffler, RallyRight’s services, including DonateRight and FieldRight, were deployed across several states during the 2023 cycle. For the last two years, candidates have relied on the platforms at every level – from local to federal campaigns.


“As a candidate in 2020, it was clear that Democrats held a significant infrastructure advantage. While the Left has spent years investing in technology to improve their fundraising and voter contact operations, I saw the need to innovate and build technology for the conservative movement,” said RallyRight Founder Kelly Loeffler.


“My team and I set out to disrupt the status quo by building a suite of modern, cost-efficient campaign tools to help conservatives win. RallyRight uses the power and efficiency of data, technology, and the gig economy to empower campaigns of every size and budget with the edge to succeed.”


DonateRight is a next-generation payment technology platform designed to help candidates keep more of what they earn. The platform prioritizes cost-efficiency, transparency, and data protection. At a flat 3.5% fee, it offers the lowest published transaction rate in the industry and there are no surprise fees. The platform is designed to protect donor information from third-party attempts to distribute and profit from a campaign’s fundraising data.


DonateRight features real-time reporting and tools to enhance fundraising, including upsells, the ability to donate with crypto, integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay, one-click donations, virtual video fundraisers, and allied fundraising. Allied fundraising pages on DonateRight are designed to collect contributions for federal and state candidates on a single page utilizing segregated, legally compliant accounts. The platform is also integrated with leading compliance, fundraising, and crypto vendors, including Aristotle, Targeted Victory, FrontRunner, and BitPay.


To date, the platform has processed over seven figures in total contributions and currently serves clients in 26 states for campaigns at every level – from local to federal.


The second product is FieldRight, a revolutionary gig economy app developed to help campaigns reach and mobilize voters on-demand. The platform leverages advanced mapping algorithms to match a network of local, trained FieldRight contractors with nearby canvassing efforts. Campaigns supply target voter files from which FieldRight creates AI-optimized walkbook routes for contractors. Campaigns can conduct a variety of voter contact efforts including traditional field surveys, absentee and early voting (ABEV) chase, signature collection, and ballot harvesting where legal.


FieldRight removes the burden of hiring, vetting, and managing an in-house field operation – enabling campaigns to assemble background-checked canvassing teams with virtually no downtime, to reach and mobilize voters at a low cost. It features state-of-the-art fraud detection to ensure every door is knocked as reported. It can also be customized for volunteer or paid canvassing efforts, with payouts to canvassers integrated into the app.


With FieldRight, campaigns can customize door programs, conduct surveys, reach target voters, and monitor results and data in real-time using the web-based administrative portal. Field programs may also be customized based on issues, data, and budget. The FieldRight app is available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play. It is also an approved vendor of the Republican National Committee.


During the 2023 cycle, FieldRight served candidates in Georgia, Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky – in races ranging from state legislature to governor. It currently boasts a national canvasser network of more than 500 contractors across 45 states.


To learn more, visit www.rallyright.com. To request a product demonstration or price quote for either DonateRight or FieldRight, email info@rallyright.com.

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RallyRight, LLC is a political technology startup dedicated to empowering conservative candidates at every level. Founded by former U.S. Senator (R-GA) and Fortune 500 executive Kelly Loeffler, RallyRight offers a comprehensive suite of cost-effective, feature-rich campaign technology tools designed to enhance fundraising and streamline voter contact to help more conservatives win up and down the ballot.