Grassroots Gig Economy Ground Game For Campaigns

Target, engage, and mobilize voters with a cost-efficient, winning field program

The FieldRight app offers conservatives the tools to efficiently organize a field program at any level by benefitting from a gig-economy model

Canvassing on-demand

  • Reach voters with on-demand local canvassers and benefit from unparalleled fraud detection

Transparent pricing

  • Get an up-front quote based on your target universe, with no hidden fees

Seamless voter contact

  • Save time and money while we manage the recruitment, deployment, and payment functions

Real-time monitoring

  • View the results of your field program in real-time, and leverage your data to enhance voter contact and insights

How it works

FieldRight offers campaigns an on-demand database of canvassers in your target area


The app creates efficient walkbooks based on your target voter list coupled with tailored surveys at the doors


Trained local canvassers in our database select the walkbooks to complete


Canvassers complete walkbooks and surveys under the supervision of our team


Designed to empower your campaign

Local conservative canvassers

Deploy local conservative canvassers for professional and effective voter outreach

Generate data for your campaign

Collect critical data in real-time to help you enhance your outreach and get voters to the polls

Unparalleled reliability, fraud detection and efficiency

Enjoy peace of mind with state-of-the-art geo-location technology that ensures doors are knocked as promised and the routes are accurate

Customizable surveys and programs

Reach any voter with any question, and distribute any literature you’d like

New features continuously added based on campaign feedback

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