Fee Schedule

Transaction Fee

Please contact our sales team for fee tiers for organizations who contractually commit to raising over $1,000,000 in a 12-month period with us.

Chargeback Fee

NOTE: The fee will only be applied for each transaction that a customer disputes with his or her bank or card issuer when it results in the card issuer or bank voiding or refunding the transaction.

Optional Features

Donate Right Connect

Fee to enable video fundraising,
meetings, town halls, and rallies
for up to 500 people.

$14.99 per month

Additional DonateRight Connect Capacity

Fee for an additional 500 people to use Donate Right Connect features.

$14.99 per month

Page Design Fee

Fee for initial page design by DonateRight’s team


Crypto Payments

Fee for transactions that
are made using cryptocurrency.

2% + 0.25 per Transaction